1957 - Where it all began.

Upon returning from the war to Detroit, Michigan (pictured below with AJ Sr. and his son AJ lll) he moved his family to South Florida and in 1957 bought his first AC 180 International truck. That is very small by today’s standards. He immediately went to work for DC Hiatt Trucking in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

In 1963 he purchased his first Ford T800, still undersized by today’s standards. These trucks were so overworked it’s a wonder they held up at all!

In 1964 AJ Jr. purchased a F-100 pickup that was the pride and joy of the company. He also purchased a second T800 that his son AJ lll (Arcy) drove for several years for $10 per week spending money while living at home.

In the ‘70s we switched to single-axle trucks and started delivering mason sand. Arcy drove the truck, took orders and billed the customers on paper every night. He built the business up to a fleet of 2 small trucks and a Sterling tandem.

As the economy grew, so did the business. In 2003 LeeAnn (his daughter and her husband Hank) bought the company and have brought it into the 21st Century.

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